januari 10, 2011

lagförslag i USA

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Nikki Alexander – The Metaphysics of Money

A medium of exchange is a public utility and as such belongs to everyone. Its proper function is to expand opportunities for exchange so that humanity achieves its creative potential for contributing to the whole. Unlike a physical necessity, such as water, that might become scarce through natural phenomena, money can always be created at will, facilitating unlimited exchange among all people in all countries at all times.

Public ownership and regulation of the medium of exchange would permanently eliminate the artificial scarcity engineered by the owners of fiat debt and bring about nothing less than global renaissance ~ the complete transformation of human civilization.

Imagine the possibilities.

Every nation in the world crippled and looted by the international debt cartel (Wall Street, City of London, World Bank, IMF, Paris Club, central banks and ‘royal’ families) could henceforth print their own currency in whatever quantity is sufficient to retire their fictitious fiat debt and ensure that all citizens have the means to produce and exchange their creations. Every nation could spend its own currency into circulation, underwriting public education, infrastructure and universal health care. Every nation could renew family farms, produce its own food, restore native industries, abolish sweat shops, expel corporate polluters and repair environmental damage within its borders. Humanity would be liberated from centuries of colonial bondage simply by inactivating one negative control system and activating a positive one.

The light has come.

On November 23, 2010, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6550, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act. This historic legislation would restore the function of money-creation to the US Government ~ the public ~ as originally mandated by our Constitution, eliminating the control and ownership of our medium of exchange by private bankers. The US Treasury would directly issue and regulate our currency instead of borrowing imaginary keyboard credit from private banks, thereby retiring our debilitating public debt and ending the destructive cycle of economic contractions that have been draining our national resources for centuries.

This bill could languish in the House Financial Services Committee and never reach the House or Senate for a vote ~ if We the People fail to seize this astounding opportunity to change the course of history.

Educate your neighbors and friends, write letters to your local newspaper, and contact your representatives in Congress.


Ett lagförslag om en verklig penningreform har alltså lagts fram i USA! Lagförslaget som pdf

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