november 22, 2010


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Michael Rowbotham i ett föredrag som är några år gammalt, men inte på något sätt inaktuellt. Lite dålig ljudkvalitet dock.

del 2345 comer.org. Några kommentarer om Rowbothams bok, The Grip of Death:


”The author concludes by stressing that monetary reform is not primarily a technical matter but a political one. He shows convincingly that bank-produced money is neither a neutral nor accurate medium and that money should be created instead by governments answerable to their peoples to whom the right to issue it belongs.”


The author notes that “our government officials, political economists and newspaper columnists appear intellectually content with the current arrangements, oblivious to the depth of crisis that economics presents to the world.

“They still happily argue about the dangers of ‘overheating’ or needing to ‘cool off’, as if an economy that functions along the lines of a domestic boiler or kitchen toaster provides an acceptable basis for co-ordinating human activity.”
“It is assumed by everyone — and clearly by economists — that money is a neutral and accurate medium; that money does no more than reflect the economic facts.
“It is assumed by almost everyone that the financial figures provide an accurate statement of our affairs. All the economists, politicians, businessmen and industrial experts agree, so we simply must cut expenditure, become more competitive, improve productivity, start new enterprises, create more jobs, export more to other countries. They are saying the same in …” (and here you can list every country you can think of).
The author explains that modern money actually operates within its own detached and limited mathematical world. It projects its own version of ‘the facts’; its own version of an economy; its own reality. It tells us what we can and cannot do; it tells us what we can and cannot afford. But these amount to demonstrably false, irrelevant and misleading ‘facts’.


He observes that “every budget and every election is dominated by spending plans, spending cuts, savings made here, and accusations of money wasted there. ‘The other party’s spending plans don’t add up’ they all chorus. Scores of economists and political commentators then huddle round their calculators to check whether one party’s promises have more financial credibility than the other’s. With a triumphant shout, the claim is made that ‘there isn’t enough money’… So we can’t do it. Money is trusted. Money is accepted as the final arbiter. Money is the overall economic truth; the limiting reality. And if there isn’t enough money, well that’s that …
“For any one person not to have enough money is rational; for an entire economy constantly not to have enough money, and thereby prevented from doing what it is clearly capable of doing, is absurd.”

Let’s not be taken in by the cries of we must have economic growth, inward investment, or the bleating for more jobs. The reality, a simple counting of numbers, will show that there is not, and never can be — under the debt finance system — enough money to pay off the debts.

Första kapitlet ur boken.

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