oktober 22, 2010

Hazel Henderson

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Hazel Henderson skrev inlägget som nedanstående är utdrag från i maj i år, med uppmaningen till världens folkvalda ledare inför G20-mötet i somras att ta tillbaka initiativet från finansfurstarna. Läget är alarmerande, det brådskar. Inget sådant hände då, hur stor är chansen att vi får se tecken på att utvecklingen går i rätt riktning efter G20-mötet som inleds idag? Läget är än mer alarmerande och brådskande nu. En skuldavskrivning, jubilee, av det skuldberg som är omöjligt att betala av och som tillkommit på tvivelaktigt sätt föreslår Henderson. Sen startar vi om på ett nyktert, ansvarstagande och sunt sätt! Som det anstår jordens mänsklighet på 2000-talet. hazelhenderson.com:

The world has reached a new stage. If governments don’t get together and face down the bankers who operate the global casino, the dominoes will start falling, one by one.

We have reached the inflection point in the globalized financial casino and its mountains of odious, unrepayable debt. Religious, ethical and humanitarian views will soon be calling for another JUBILEE after the debt cancellations of HIPIC countries in 2000. How will the new JUBILEE 2010 play out?
Clearly, outstanding derivative positions at some $600 trillion while global GDP is only $63 trillion makes today’s global debt levels unrepayable. Central bankers running their money printing presses cannot fill this gigantic hole. So who will lose, beyond taxpayers, so far stuck with the bills ($23 trillion in the USA’s bailouts alone)?
The world’s citizens now see why governments have allowed themselves and their taxpayers to be trapped by the lords of finance. The bankers were their paymasters and funded their elections to office, bribed their officials, manipulated their regulators and public opinion. Through advertising and financing of mass-media, financial moguls and media moguls converged with political moguls worldwide into concentrated conglomerates (matching those in finance and industry): News Corp., Disney, NBC (owned by GE), Viacom, Clear Channel, as well as Comcast, Verizon and ATT now seeking to dominate the internet. All this is textbook fascism.

To save sovereign governments from further co-option and corruption, these government “leaders” and their economic “wise men” must now rise to the occasion. Together, they must act to downsize and curb the rogue global casino.

To foster the transition from the monopoly of fiat money circuits (now just as bad as gold-based money) to 21st century electronic and local currencies, the G-20 needs to downsize financial sectors. Wall Street and London’s bloated financial sectors have little social purpose and produce nothing. High-frequency trading by computer programs now account for about 70% of Wall Street’s daily trading. Proprietary trading and risk-taking must be separated from government-subsidized deposit-taking banks. The best way to accomplish this is for the G-20 to agree on a less than 1% financial transactions tax (FTT) across the board.

Only if G-20 leaders come together in Toronto and agree on these first steps, can they avoid the next financial crisis already looming. If they cannot summon the courage to shake off the grip of the lords of finance, they will have forfeited what public trust still remains.


Hazel Henderson förekommer i filmen The Money Fix, som måste ses och kan ses – HÄR – klippet nedan är från inspeningen av den filmen som gjordes för ett par år sen.


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