juli 31, 2010

Nathan’s Economic Edge

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Från Nathan’s Economic Edge, ett insiktsfullt program för ett sundare sätt att hantera ekonomin. Amerikanskt men principerna är giltiga även för vårt land.

”First we have to agree that the current system is not working. We contend that at the root of the problem are private central bankers and other special interests who have taken control of our money system, they produce the money, not our government.
Most of that money is backed by debt. This creates an unworkable and unsustainable math situation. We also have to agree that the forces of greed always seem to find a way to eventually creep into a system and that this is repeated over and over again throughout history.
Finally, we need to agree that moving backwards to systems that have already proven they don’t work is no solution at all and that it’s time to take a step forward.”

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