april 11, 2010


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Flera tillfällen till givande lyssning (på engelska) med mp3-spelaren eller vid datorn finns på Community Currency, intervjuer med bl.a. Stephen Zarlenga, Ellen Brown och Charles Eisenstein.

Se också Eisensteins senaste artikel, Sacred Economics, tydligen har han en ny bok på gång.

I find that many many people profess a strong yearning to live more simply, to live in community, to live in harmony with the earth, but they feel powerless to do so because of the oppressive money economy that surrounds them, and that drives a system that destroys all that is good and beautiful. That is why I have been working toward a revolution in the money system itself. At its core, money contains a beautiful idea — it is a means to connect gifts and needs. I am under no illusions that it can be restored to this function by a superficial tweaking of the system. The change has to go just as deep as the change in consciousness that is necessary to transition toward a sustainable, cocreative world.



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